Peter Hawkins

Gainesville, VA 20155


Professional Objective

Excellence in enterprise computing.


ActiveMQ, Agile, AJAX, Ant, Apache, AppFuse, Axis, Bamboo, Bash, C/C++, ClearCase, ClearQuest, Clustering, CMP/CMR, Confluence, CSS, Debugging, DHTML, DOM, Eclipse, EJB, Elastic Search, Entrust, ExtJS, Fisheye, Git, Grails, Groovy, Hibernate, J2EE, JAAS, JAI, Java, JavaScript, Javassist, JAX-RPC, JAX-RS, JBoss, JDBC, JDO, JDOM, Jira, JMeter, JMS, JMX, JNDI, JNI, JNLP, jQuery, JSP, JSSE, JTA, JUnit, JVM Tuning, JXTA, Maven, Mongo, Morphia, ODBMS, OSGi, Perforce, PKI, Pushlets, Rails, Rational, RDBMS, RDF, RoR, RSS, Ruby, RUP, SAAJ, Security, Semantic Web, Sencha Touch, SOA, Spotfire, Spring, SQL, SSL, Struts, Swing, Tivoli, Tomcat, TruePass, UDDI, UML, Unix, VB, Velocity, VI, Virgo, Weblogic, WebSEAL, WebSphere, WSDL, XDoclet, XML, XPath, XSD, XSLT.

Employment History

Principal Engineer
e-Sci Corporation
August 2015-Present

Currently doing Devops engineering on a modernization effort for a DIA project with PL4 security. Wrote scripts in Bash, Ruby and Python. Wrote lots of documentation.


Software Engineer
May 2014-August 2015

Developed a monitoring UI to display real-time graphs and various statistics from ElasticSearch using Sinatra and ExtJS for the Veterans Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture(VistA). Performance team technical lead.


Software Engineer
New River Systems
August 2012-May 2014

Built a tasking application for the DIA's Defense CombatingTerrorism Center (DCTC) using Ruby on Rails, Git for CM, as well as other Agile tools: Bamboo, Fisheye, Jira, Confluence, etc.


User Interface Technical Lead
Blue Canopy
September 2010-August 2012

Served as UI team lead on the ISR Decision Support Program (IDSP). Used the ExtJS 4 JavaScript framework and Spring + OSGi in the Eclipse Virgo server environment. Participated in an Agile process with Maven for building, Git for CM, as well as AtlassianAgile tools.


Senior Software Engineer
Knowledge Consulting Group
January 2007-December 2010

Senior software/systems engineer key to FBI Sentinel systems integration, performance tuning, troubleshooting, and development.Added COTS integration/development responsibilities: Tivoli AccessManager for e-business, WebSEAL, WebSphere Application Server,WebSphere Porta1. Assisted in: GC tuning, diagnosing memory leaks,architecture planning, profiling, network issues, and investigation of run-time problems. Used Spring MVC framework with Tiles andAcegi security.


Senior Software Engineer
July 2006-December 2006

Served as software engineer and system integration researcher for the Information Assurance Technology Infusion (IATI) program of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Authored and co-authored reports of findings.


Senior Software Engineer
Northrop Grumman IT
March 2006-July 2006

Functioned as IRAD support to refactor and productizeInFlowSuite core component. Responsibilities/goals include: adding web services, adding Hibernate for persistence, adding Spring for implementing aspects and container services, decoupling and separation of concerns, container independence, modernize web layer to Spring MVC, update build process to include automated testing and generation of model-driven artifacts, create tag libraries.

Alert Team Lead
Northrop Grumman Mission Systems
November 2003-March 2006

Served as alert team lead working on Horizontal Fusion, a DIAinitiative. Performed dependency analysis, code and build refactoring. Delivered design documentation, gave presentations.


Senior Software Engineer
Jacobs Sverdrup Advanced Systems Group, Inc.
December 2001-November 2003

Led web service development team for Disaster ManagementInteroperability Services (DMIS), a DHS project. Led transition toJ2EE architecture. Participated in development effort, an enterprise porta1 for FEMA. Produced various design artifacts and developed prototypes in Java and dot NET. Performed assorted software engineering duties including configuration management, metrics, refactoring and code reviews.


Software Engineer
Ubizen, Inc.
June 1998-September 2001

Served as software engineer on a government project, then transitioned to several commercial projects.


Altrx, Inc.

Evolved large C program for bar-code readers to provide generic data collection. Features include sub-program parsing, data validation and scrolling menus. Wrote an Active-X data collection component for warehouse systems using Visual Basic 5.0. Utilized wireless LAN technology for client-server TCP/IP Socket communications between PC and barcode readers in real time.Assisted in COM design and development. Formulated robust serial communications for batch (non-RF) data collection. Improved asset-tracking system for Northrop-Grumman in Access. Wrote well tracking system for Parsons-Brinckerhoff, and data collection systems for Allied Signal and others.

Bamberg-Handley, Inc.

Employed as software developer using Visual C++ and VisualBasic on Windows 3.1, Windows NT, and DOS platforms. Wrote audience estimation systems for TV and radio. Analyzed geographic data to produce data maps. Produced estimates and probability calculations for in-house Plus-4 zip code database. Developed various utilities for marketing analysis and mapping software. Worked with others to produce business and consumer data (Dunn and Bradstreet) search engine used in banking software. Utilized simulated annealing to solve complex systems of equations. Wrote logical database compression software for CD releases.

Wilson, Miller, Barton, Soll, and Peek, Inc.

Wrote and maintained database software (in BASIC) for IBM PCsand Digital multi-user systems. Wrote point of sale transaction inventory systems with graphic analysis utilities. DevelopedInterface for optical mark reader. Worked on project management systems. Assisted technically in the field and in software support.



Security Clearances